Getting Help With Sex Addiction Rehab Palm Springs CA

By Janine Hughes

Sex addiction has become more open in the past few years. This change of character among people has been majorly driven by the rising amount of recorded cases of people suffering from this kind o addiction. Despite sex addiction not being categorized and recognized as a disorder, the threat is real and needs to be nipped in the bud. This guide will help assess the need for sex addiction rehab Palm Springs CA.

This state may prevail in different people in different ways. Some of the indicators of sex addiction include multiple affairs with the intention of having sex with all, including over the internet and phone. Feeling constantly unsatisfied with your partner and seeking more sex with disregard to your partner, or seeking wild sexual adventures despite your partner not being up to them.

Exposure to pornographic content may also lead to this state. The addict is unable to stop downloading and continuously viewing pornographic related material. These may range from photos, videos, and other forms of written material. These are widely available and accessible from a wide array of devices, most of which can connect to the internet.

Sexual preoccupation is another telltale sign that one is becoming an addict. This refers to sex being the most dominant thought in their mind most of the time. Another sign is known as sexual compulsivity. This is where a person is unable to control their impulses to have sex, and instead act on them. These two signs usually lead to sexual obsession and increase in the number of times they need to have sex.

Rehabilitation of such people is best done with the help of professionals. Therapists will assess the needs of the patient and administer either one of the available options. The most common being a residential treatment center. These are facilities made to handle such people by eliminating distractions that may propel them back into their addiction.

Another common method used is outpatient counseling, which us very similar to the residential treatment center, say for the location and number of hours. In this method, the addict visits the therapist at a given location, usually at their offices, but may be different. The hours are also different since they are only in session for a few hours every day, unlike a residential program which goes on full time.

Group therapy is another fast rising approach to dealing with this addiction. These are usually overseen by a psychiatrist or psychologist, but the addicts may also meet on their own volition. Despite the advantages of these sessions, some people are not comfortable with them and prefer one on one session with the therapist.

Any form of addiction is devastating. The adverse effects are far reaching, and not only to the addicts but also to their families, friends and relatives. There are many options for treatment available for sex addicts such as support groups, and various kinds of professional help ranging from one on one therapist sessions to residential treatment centers. These are all available to help in sex addiction rehab in Palm Springs CA.

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