Facts About The Healing Power Of Sex

By Janine Hughes

While some may ridicule the idea of intercourse having any real health benefits, the truth is quite the opposite. The mind, body and spirit can all benefit from engaging in intercourse and there is sufficient evidence gathered through extensive studies and research to prove it. The healing power of sex, whether it is a casual fling or intercourse throughout a deeper relationship, is undeniable and can definitely help towards relieving a number of symptoms and physical ailments.

You can boost your immunity by having sexual intercourse. In fact, people who are sexually active actually tend to take less sick leave from their place of work than those who don't have sex regularly. Students in a Wilkes University study who engaged in sexual activity were actually shown to have higher levels of a specific antibody than those who were not having sex.

For women, there are a number of specific benefits to having sexual intercourse. This includes the fact that copulation increases vaginal lubrication and blood flow, as well as improving the elasticity of the vagina. This is particularly good for older women who may be approaching menopause, or women who have given birth.

There is more than enough evidence to show that sex can reduce chronic pain. Joints and muscles are included in this. This could be the perfect, more natural alternative to taking pain killers. Headache or migraine sufferers can also benefit from having sex more frequently, as it increases the chances of eliminating the headache. It is also a pretty good solution for anyone who may have trouble falling asleep.

If you want to stay healthy, then engaging in sexual activity is a great replacement for visiting the dreaded gym. Intercourse is as beneficial to your body and physique as the recommended daily exercise. When you consider the variety of positions and speeds there are to try, you're sure to enjoy this type of exercise much more!

One major benefit of having intercourse is to relieve tension and more importantly, help with depression. During intercourse, the body releases more endorphins, which are essential to feeling good. This is why post coitus, feelings of relaxation and happiness are multiplied.

Sexual intercourse is one of the best stress relievers out there. With stress being such a leading cause of heart disease and even cancer, it is important that it is reduced overall on a daily basis in a person's life. Because sexual intercourse helps to reduce stress by releasing endorphins and promoting healthy exercise, the post coital relaxation allows the individual to easily fall asleep, thereby allowing the body to make any necessary reparations and rejuvenate for better productivity when it wakes up.

You can also use sex as a way to heal your relationship. In cases where couples had distanced themselves from one another, for whatever reason, having regular sex allowed them to find their way back to one another. If you are married with children, perhaps this is just the type of experiment you can try to recreate those special feelings you had.

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