Can You Burn Body Fat With Weights?

By David Stidolph

Weight training is often mistaken as a bodybuilding method rather than a fat loss method.

Yet despite this widespread misconception, weight training remains highly effective for burning body fat.

Those who are keen gym enthusiasts may already know this, but the majority of gym goers have no idea and often miss out on the many benefits hiding within resistance training because they mistakenly believe it's not for them. However, several key studies show weight based training to be even better than aerobic exercise for burning calories.

While there are many forms of weight based training, the specific form you should be looking at for burning body fat is known as H.I.R.T.

However, if you want to burn fat you do not need to do endless reps with light weights. This does go against the gym myths from decades before us, but clinical studies prove that pushing yourself with heavier weights and for fewer reps will yield greater results for you. So dispel any thoughts of fitness classes which encourage you to lift empty barbells and ankle weights. To get the most from resistance training, we must go heavier.

The muscle building process which is kick-started following a weights workout is known as hypertrophy. The key factor here is that a session based around hypertrophy will use carbohydrates as it's main fuel during the workout. Not fat.

Do not let that fact fool you.

The whole process is known as E.P.O.C. or the after burn effect. By using carbs to fuel our hard gym work, the body then becomes very protective of our few remaining carb stores while we refuel after a workout. But it must burn something in order to help the body continue to function. That's when we switch to losing body fat!

While aerobic exercise uses fat as it's primary fuel, you stop burning calories at an accelerated rate when you stop training. However, intense lifting uses carbs as it's main fuel during the session then switches to burning fat for twelve to sixteen hours after the session!

Wondering how to encourage more fat loss by adopting this training approach with your existing fitness routine?

It's beauty is in it's simplicity. Or rather, it's simple to explain - it's not simple to do! The first step is to look at what other people are doing when they train with weights at your local gym. The chances are, they will lift for eight to ten repetitions then rest for a couple of minutes before repeating the process. This is pretty standard gym behavior.

If fat loss is your goal, though, high intensity training will trump the old bodybuilding approach every single time.

Try jamming a few exercises together into a circuit, keeping your rep range in the 10-20 range to allow all muscle fibers to be fully worked. By taking zero rest periods between each exercise you will get considerably more done in the gym in less time. You'll also force the body to utilize the monstrous fat burning procedure we explained above.

The myth that cardio is for weight loss and weight lifting is for bodybuilding should no longer plague gyms across the country. Yet it does. In discovering the numerous pieces of scientific research which prove just how effective weight training can be for burning unwanted body fat, you now find yourself in the minority of gym users who can use this knowledge to your advantage.

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