Autism Advocate Bay Area Help Families In Need

By Enid Hinton

Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most challenges things a person can experience in life. Each day is different and they never really know what to expect next. Having a child with special needs makes that job even harder. If their youngster has been diagnosed as autistic they will quickly find that they need a lot of help. Getting in touch with the locally support group will give them access to many fantastic resources.

From the very first day of their child's diagnosis the parents will need to understand just how important it is to educate themselves. Their first step should be to find a kind and caring autism advocate Bay area. This is someone who has already walked a mile, or two, in their shoes. The know how it feels to receive the devastating news about a much loved child. They also have invaluable first hand knowledge about how the system works.

Most autistic children are not diagnosed at birth. The sad irony of the situation is that most families leave the hospital with no idea that anything is wrong and no clue about the difficulties that lie ahead. They have no way to prepare for the changes that will happen to them. Being unable to prepare is one of the hardest things to cope with and many parents say this makes them feel as though they have let their child down in many ways. Moving ahead after such negative feelings is crucial and an essential part of the overall recovery process.

In many cases the family will only begin to realize that something is wrong as they child reaches the age of two and is not yet talking. Although there can be many other reasons for this it is still important to get a referral to an experienced neurologist. These highly trained specialists will run a battery of tests that include many markers for social and emotional development. When the diagnosis finally comes in the family will often feel exhausted and devastated. Their lives will have changed forever.

One of the first steps the parents should take is to contact their local parent support group. These groups exist in just about every part of the country, living in a highly populated place such as the Bay area does have its advantages. There will be no shortage of other families in their immediate neighborhood who have already gone through exactly what they are going through and can offer heartfelt understanding.

In addition to emotional support a good advocate will also help with the practical aspects of life. This will begin with getting the very best services for each and every child. Some children need intensive help with speech and language, whilst others may need more support in social skills.

A good advocate will also help with emotional support for the family. In many cases the entire extended family will need to learn about autism. There are so many things that people can do to help, which will only come through education. Understanding how the condition affects the sensory and nervous system is key to providing the most nurturing environment to a youngster.

Networking with other local families is also one of the most valuable ways to help a child. There is the potential for new friends and play mates, along with social opportunities. Many parents are quite surprised by how many new friends they are also able to make.

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