Various Fun Family Card Games You Should Play With Kids

By Claudine Hodges

Kids at home are definitely too rowdy for you if you leave them all alone. That is why it is better for you to play with them so that you can both enjoy yourself as well as teach them subtly about various values that they should learn. If you can play with them, they will also treat this as a precious time with you.

You can actually take advantage of a whole number of methods just to keep these kids entertained. One of the many methods you are allowed to use is to play fun family card games. You are sure to entertain the kids with the game you choose. Not only that, you can teach them basic skills on making a strategy, counting, taking turns, and being a good sport.

You should not hesitate to introduce these activities to the children during play time. You can even participate in it, together with the children. You can choose from a wide variety of the said game. After all, there are many varieties to this that you can choose. Here are some of the varieties that you can play together with the children at home.

There is the Go Fish. It is a game that is suitable for those who are aged seven and above. You need at least two members to play the game. All you need for this is a standard deck composed of 52 cards. The rules are fairly easy but you have to take your time to make the children understand what their roles are and what the fish pond is.

Another one that you can play is the Crazy Eights. In this game, you can have a minimum of two players and a maximum of four to play. This is a game which you can play with your children who are of age five and above.

If you want a popular one, then there is the Old Maid. Just like with the other ones you can play, you will have to get multiple players for this. The more players, the more fun it will be. At least three people should do the deal. The players suitable for this game are those that are above the age of five years old.

A game called War can also be played with your children using a standard deck composed of 52 cards. This is suitable to play as a duel, meaning a two-player game. It might be a bit complicated for a child to understand the rules of this game so it is highly recommended that you play this with those children with ages six and above only.

You can play a concentration or a memory game as well. This is the kind of game that tests, as the name suggests, your concentration and memory. A minimum of two players is sufficient to start this game. Any child three years and above has the qualification to participate in a game.

There are certainly a whole lot more you can play with the children. Pick the one that is suitable and easy to understand with the children who are in your home. If you can choose properly, then this will surely keep the children's mind sharp. It will help with their development positively.

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