Steps To Take In Order To Get The Best Career Mentoring In Berkeley

By Claudine Hodges

Nobody becomes successful in any venture by themselves. You need to find help from experienced people who have done it before and succeeded. This will give you some sort of guide to help you succeed as well. But not everyone is kind hearted or will want you to succeed. Berkeley is a competitive place and many would do almost anything to get ahead. You should therefore follow certain steps before selecting someone for career mentoring in Berkeley.

You should research on potential people that you want to consider for the position. Chances are that there are quite a few people in the same line of business as you. You should look for such people try and see how well you get along. The whole reason for this experience is to grow as a person and as so you should find someone who you get along with. Make sure the person you choose has the same values as you and those they have high Morales.

It is also recommended to find someone talkative. A person that is not afraid to express themselves. Such people will point out your mistakes to you and this will help you grow. A person with catchy phrases and quotes is also very interesting to consider. Such people are able to summarize a whole situation in one catchy line and this will help you remember such situations.

Placed into factor what you are searching for. Locate an individual whom recognizes your hard work and wants to help you succeed in it. Anybody in question needs to have qualifications and experience in most situations that correspond with your career.

The person you choose should be able to have a relationship with. You should be able to have a friendly relationship. Mentorship is not a business opportunity, it is an opportunity to learn and understand what makes another successful. If the relationship is a friendly one the person is more likely to open up and speak to you more readily.

Find someone who is also close by and you can quickly get to them if any need arises. You will probably need to seek advice on a weekly or daily routine to ensure that you follow their advice to the letter. If the person lives far away it will be difficult to meet and talk to them very often.

Experience in such a program is paramount. Make sure that you find someone who is not just a onetime hit with the business you have specialized in. It is important that your Find individuals with vast experience in a number of things. This will help you not become one dimensional in your business and help you spread your horizon.

Finding a mentor could help you and your business or career grow wonderfully. This person will always be there for you and feel proud when you succeed as they believe that they helped in your success. Having such alights is always good for business.

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