How To Talk To Teens About Sex When It Comes To Teenage Health

By Lucia Weeks

Teens would learn stuff on sex whether parents talk to them about it or not. How to talk to teens about sex can be an issue for parents who are not comfortable with the subject. Teenagers learn sex issues at school and from their peers, and so if parents fail to give them the right information, they would take whatever they get from outside the home. It is the responsibility of parents to shape the beliefs of their young ones, even on sex matters.

Talking to teens about sex should be a gradual and continuous process. The talks should be short and done frequently. The problem with having one big talk with teenagers is that the chances of them forgetting most of the things is very high. The talk should be integrated into everyday activity.

Trying to educate teenagers on sex without preparation would not be effective. This is because most of the teens would like to have answers to a lot of the things they heard from friends. A parent who does not prepare, may not have answers to the concerns these young ones may bring up. Parents can investigate the questions young people ask concerning sex, and also common misconceptions of teenagers about sex. A parent can have practise sessions with friends or a spouse before finally talking to the teen.

The talk on sex has to be structured in a progressive manner. Most parents wait for the 'right' moment to talk to their children about sex, but do not know when this right time comes. A parent can begin a conversation on sex with a teen whenever the issue comes up, for instance when sex issues come up while watching television or while on the way back from shopping. The conversation has to be inculcated into daily life activities.

It is important to be honest when talking to teenagers on sex. Admit to your teen that discussing sex issues isn't easy for you, but it is important that information concerning sex comes from you. This can help your teen open up when it comes to their feelings. Offer to find answers, or look them up together if you do not know how to answer your teen's questions.

The information given to teens on sex has to be very accurate. When in doubt, it is important to explain to the teenagers. If the wrong information is given, they would get other contradictory information that would leave them even more confused. The parent should also explain the issues based on their own beliefs. Attempts should not be made to scare these young ones from sex as this would not work for long.

The talk on sex should be in the form of a discussion where teens can have the opportunities of asking questions and also express their views. This way, they will learn better. Trying to lecture them may not be the best option, because the parent cannot be sure the teen is listening.

Parents can also vary the approaches to talking to teenagers about sex. This is because one approach would not be effective all the time, especially as the teen grows up. It is important to learn about age-appropriate approaches. Approaches need to vary depending on the sex of the teen. This is because what works for boys may not work for girls.

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