Handmade Christmas Wreaths For Purchase

By Stacey Burt

When it comes to the holiday season, there is a great demand for festive decorations, particularly ones that unique and special. Handmade Christmas wreaths are a great way to add festive cheer to the front door of a house in a unique way. They can also be used inside a room, adding color, texture and aroma. All possible tastes are catered for today with the many items on sale, particularly from online sources.

Choosing a wreath to suit a particular style of decor is easy as they come in a great variety of styles. The intense green of a simple green boxwood wreath looks inviting against a white door. A rustic one made of burlap and twigs with berries goes perfectly with vintage styles. A natural woodland wreath against a cottage door is warm and cheery. One made with silver bells and silver tipped pine cones suits an elegant modern door.

The materials used for these products vary considerably. They may be natural or artificial and many are made from a combination of both. Fresh balsam fir, pine cones, fabric, ribbons, silk flowers, candy, cinnamon sticks and even peacock feathers all find a way into these creations.

Red, white and green are the colors traditionally used but they are combined today in a variety of really creative ways. Silver and white are currently very popular too. A white snowman may form the center of the wreath with fresh green fir branch tips and red berries in the background. Pine cones may be tipped with silver or white and rest on a background of green leaves. Fancy bows in rich red or white fabrics often add a perfect finishing touch.

The whimsical at heart love traditional ornaments like a Santa Clause doll, an adorable elf or a reindeer as the center of a wreath. A nativity scene is another traditional choice. These figures are surrounded by festive themed decorations and lights may even be added.

A wreath can be hung just about anywhere. It makes the front door special but when hung above the fireplace it can add festive cheer to a whole room. A candy themed wreath with lollipops and bows brings brightness and cheer to any setting. A balsam wreath with snow tipped pine cones, red berries and a red velvet bow is a classic, festive choice. Cinnamon sticks, fir tips and other natural elements add aroma to the room as well as color.

The way in which the decorative elements are put together create the particular style. Some items are far more traditional whilst others have a very modern feel. White and silver are often used together to create an elegant look. More rustic elements immediately create a more vintage impression.

When choosing a wreath, one has to bear in mind factors like quality, durability and value for money as well as appearance. It can be used for many years and is easy to update by simply adding or taking away certain elements. The experience of shopping online for such a product is easy and fun and choosing a reputable supplier ensures satisfaction.

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