How To Be A Chauffeur

By George Dodson

Somewhere, perhaps in a movie, you've seen a limousine and a chauffeur, and noticed the lifestyle surrounding that whole scene. You then decided to become one. How do you go about doing that?

Firstly, you will need to know that a chauffeur also does other things aside from driving expensive or luxury cars. They have a wide knowledge of the places or locations in a particular metropolis. They are able to come up with a plan or route to get to a specific destination at a timely manner. They are ambassadors for their city and a tour guide.

To become a chauffeur, you start by learning your city thoroughly. Know where to go and how to get to the desired place by your boss. You know all the best routes to take in every journey. In order to do so, you will need to go out and check the places yourself. Reading a map should be something that you can do easily. Also, learn how to read and use a GPS.

Become informed on what makes your city unique. You should be able to easily locate a certain landmark. Where should someone go if he or she wishes to see something. Know why the certain places are mostly visited by many. You should have a good number regarding the city's population. Where do people usually eat. You should have a good list of recommendations. Stay informed about the weather. What is a normally you do at this time of the year? Listen to news forecasts. Of course, you would also want to know the best places to stay for the night in the city.

Of course since you'll be working as a professional, you will also need a uniform. You're representing your company, and or leaving an impression that you know which are doing and you dress the part.

Most companies have a dress standard for the chauffeur's. Usually involves a black suit, white shirt, and the company tie, as well as black shoes. You want to make a fantastic first impression, and let the client know that you're serious, and you know what you're doing.

Do the common sense things. Always maintain proper hygiene. Always make sure you have a hanger ready whenever you want to put away your coat or suit. Always maintain proper manners which include not smoking since many people or clients do not. Always consider your clients before even thinking about smoking.

One of the most important keys to remember is don't speak until spoken to. Your job is to respond to your client. Use the Stephen Covey standby, "seek to understand, then be in understood.? With experience, you'll be able to know when the time is right to talk with your client or not.

Preparation for anything is also an essential factor in becoming a successful chauffeur. Many limousine companies today build their vehicle with a lot of features that clients can simply take hold of. There are those installed with entertainment showcases, sewing kits, mini bars and many more other features designed specially for clients. You should always make sure that you work at your best.

Lastly, you would also need the right tools. Currently, there are a few apps on phones that you can simply use in your line of work. That includes a good calendar, a good map, sports schedules, and weather information.

Pay attention to all this if you're thinking about becoming a chauffeur.

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