Amazing Beach Holidays In Bulgaria

By Craig Walker

Europe has incredible resorts in each country but some of the most mystifying are the beach holidays in Bulgaria. The Black Sea laps against the shores of Bulgaria and it calls out to everyone who arrives there. Bulgarian resorts are special because they appeal to the whole family and no one is left out. The cost of vacation is economical in Bulgaria so families can relax even more. Water front resorts will provide magical moments for people who visit.

Many people think that Sunny Beach is the Monte Carlo of Bulgaria. There is a vast array of excitement for everyone and many sights to see. The adults can enjoy shopping, night clubs, lounges, and casinos after dark. Children will love the beaches, water sports and lovely restaurants. Teenagers and young adults will flock to the festivals and concerts throughout the holiday vacation. Entertainment abounds everywhere and boredom is not an option.

Golden Sands is one of the most popular seaside towns on the coast of the Black Sea. The famed hot springs and spas attract people each year. This resort has something for everyone; yacht clubs, horse riding lessons, golf ranges, restaurants and a recreational water park provide wide attractions. This town has good public transportation and a busy urban center.

Saints Constantine and Helena is a great town to visit and see the sites. It has warm beaches, fascinating museums, a royal summer palace and plenty of places to shop. Mineral springs and a national forest greet visitors.

The athlete will love Rusalka. It is surrounded by a large forest and is situated among Oak trees. Tennis courts are plentiful and so are volleyball games. Jet skiing, wind surfing, boating, kayaking and diving are the most common sports in Rusalka. Extreme sports are also gaining a cult following in this resort town which will please avid participants. Rock climbing and bouldering have also become major outdoor activities.

Bulgaria offers two environments for the cost of one; the seaside beach life and the rustic forest. This country boasts the best family vacation resorts and it is a treasure of Europe. Vacationing in Bulgaria is a once in a lifetime adventure.

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