Italy A Holiday Destination Waiting To Be Discovered

By Alison Gilmour

Holidays in Italy have been popular through the ages, though it is surprising to learn that few of these are taken in the beach resorts. Indeed, it is somewhat of a hidden paradise for Italians themselves, as many visitors content themselves with visiting the cities.

One beach resort that has always been a magnet for holidaymakers is Sardinia. Widely accepted as having some of the most amazing sands and sea throughout the Mediterranean, the high quality villas and hotels that serve the area are in good supply.

One of the most popular destinations throughout Italy is Tuscany of course; with amazing scenery, beautiful climate and wonderful food and drink. However, the coast is often neglected. Visitors here should certainly check out the benefits of the beaches of Monte Argentario.

Here in particular there are some wonderful private villas which can be rented for days or weeks at a time. Though the sea waters are inviting, the appeal of a private pool to relax in through the day or night is always welcome. Other great destinations include the beaches in Gallipoli and Sicily, where Syracuse is a always welcoming.

Sicily has so much more to offer than this however, and the wonderful archipelago of the Egadi Islands is beautiful; set amongst the devastatingly clear sea. With some of the most amazing seafood throughout Italy too, it makes for a memorable trip.

For those looking for the full beach experience, there is little that can compare with the resorts of Viareggio and Rimini on the west and east coasts respectively. The former is full of opulence and decadence, whilst the latter is a heady mix of culture and partying.

Holidays in Italy are always going to be a draw; such is the beauty and appeal of the culture, the people and the food. That all this can be enjoyed set amongst stunning beach locations makes it all the better.

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