Improve Your Primericaonline Profits

By Ricardo Interpermian

PrimericaOnline success seekers: Want to dominate and build a HUGE business?

If you seek to become a top earner, it's vital you get way beyond merely talking to colleagues, associates, family and friends about your business..

You absolutely need to learn the #1 skill of all top earners: marketing to massive numbers of people at a time.

I've been groomed by 6 and 7-figure income earners who taught me the following strategies we quietly use to build large businesses:

- Don't Use Your Company's Replicated Website

Here's how networkers in companies like PrimericaOnline usually try to market online: They get set up with a replicated website from their company.

Next they send a mass message to all their Facebook friends and shout about: The company's pre-launch buzz...The superstar management team...The innovative products. Seem familiar? Then the networker will include a link to their replicated website. And they'll sit around and wait for people to sign up.

And NOTHING happens. Do you know what's wrong with this approach? Let's think about the following: If you use a replicated website, do you stand out from the tens of thousands of reps in your company doing the EXACT same thing?

Do you think anyone on the Internet wants to hear you shout about how great your company's products, comp plan and management team are? There's only one kind of replicated website you should ever consider. And it's not the type network marketing companies like PrimericaOnline create.

You've got to use a replicated website, provided by a third party, you can greatly revise with your own original headlines, videos and other content. Almost 100% of top producers in companies similar to PrimericaOnline use a website system that's heavily customized. Use, and customize, a website system that positions you as a trusted authority, not a random distributor for PrimericaOnline.

- Market More Than Everyone Else

You can earn more than others in PrimericaOnline by simply being a more prolific marketer. The quality of your business skills will have some effect on your results.

But it's also true that the amount of your execution matters as much as, or more than, how well you perform each endeavor. Marketing more than the competition means creating more Internet traffic and attracting a larger number of leads on a daily basis than others.

If you're blogging to generate traffic and attract leads for your business, then publish more blog posts than your competition. If you're advertising to generate PrimericaOnline leads, then place more ads than your competitors do.

If webinars are part of your business model, then do one or more webinars each and every week. Don't do just one webinar every month. Marketing more than everyone else means sending an email broadcast with valuable tips (and a call to take action!) to your leads each day. Not every once in a while. Every single day!

Create an advantage by just doing more webinars, placing more ads, and creating more marketing content than others in PrimericaOnline. If you attract more website visitors, generate more leads, and conduct more webinars than others, you'll probably generate more income than others in PrimericaOnline.

- Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products

Affiliate products are those you market and earn a commission on each sale. Sell affiliate products, such as ebooks, instructional courses and membership sites that teach network marketers business skills. Your PrimericaOnline business will gain several benefits from promoting affiliate products.

People who purchase affiliate products from you are more likely to consider your PrimericaOnline opportunity. That they've made a purchase means they're willing to invest in their business, not merely browse.

Whether or not they're interested in PrimericaOnline is a non-issue. You make money by selling affiliate products to the vast majority of your PrimericaOnline prospects who don't join your business. You can make a lot more money when you add affiliate products to your business.

You can generate recurring income from affiliate products such as marketing systems that charge customers a monthly fee. It's often easier to generate residual income from selling affiliate products than it is to spend years building a big network marketing downline. Promoting affiliate products on the front end of your business will help you stand out. You are not going to be one of the numerous network marketers who lead with hard sell of their opportunity. You will appear more experienced, less eager and you'll position yourself as a trusted authority. By selling affiliate products on the front end, you will sponsor a lot more PrimericaOnline reps on the back end.

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