How To Profit With Empower Network

By Ricardo Interpermian

Empower Network distributors: Do you want to know how to become a top 2% producer?

If you wish to become a top earner, you need a way to promote to thousands of people- not just to the small number of friends and family network marketers are taught to approach.

It's imperative you master the basics of marketing- like any real business

Here are 3 ways top earners dominate today:

- Grow Your Belief Level

If you want to do well in Empower Network, you've got to boost your belief level in 4 places. First, you must believe in yourself. Don't let anyone tell you you're going to fail. You define what level of greatness you're going to express in this lifetime. Your self confidence will grow by taking action, not from merely thinking about success.

You've also got to have a strong belief ion your product line. You cannot successfully promote a product you don't like. Get your hands on all the company's products. Experience the greatness of your company's products, don't just take management's word for it. Try to use your company's products day in and day out. Make sure you're in an opportunity where you believe in the product line.

Third, make sure you develop very strong belief in the business opportunity behind Empower Network. You've got to believe the company leaders, compensation plan and company mission are solid. Be at your company events. Get to know your upline and other leaders.

A final element is belief in your plan. It's important you are learning from top producers in Empower Network and following proven strategies.

- Market Like A Real Business

Just like any store that advertises to bring in customers, you must market your business. Network marketers in companies such as Empower Network are taught a lot about how to network, but almost nothing about how to market.

Purchasing leads and business cards, and setting up your company-provided replicated website seems like marketing. A lot of these things feel like they make a difference, but most of these tools do not do much for you. There are a few parts to a marketing strategy:

Identify Your Target Market: Who is the ideal prospect for your Empower Network business? Entrepreneurs? Cash-strapped unemployed people? Focus on frustrated network marketers who seek solutions to their business problems. These people understand the business model and won't ask silly questions such as, Is this a pyramid? Networkers have shown they are willing and able to make a monthly autoship purchase.

Position Yourself Strategically: If you promote Empower Network, so do thousands of other reps. Why should anyone sign up with you? Decide what sets you apart and communicate that to the marketplace.

Promotion Tactics: How will you generate leads when you don't have any more family and friends to approach about Empower Network? You're going to need a sales and marketing education to learn to generate leads.

Follow Up Strategy: After you generate a lead, what will you do to follow up? To follow up, call your leads, and add them to an automated email follow up system.

- Stand Out In Your Marketing

You can easily sponsor friends, family and other people you know into Empower Network because you have a prior relationship with them. In contrast, when you market your Empower Network business on the Internet, things work VERY differently. Thousands of people online promote the same opportunity you represent.

You've got to clarify why someone online should join your Empower Network business, and not another rep. On the Internet, you have no choice but to stand out from everyone else. You've got to give your prospects a reason to choose YOU and not someone else as their sponsor.

In multilevel marketing, differentiation means offering VALUE to your prospects in addition to the business that you're promoting. Teaching and leadership are the greatest values you can provide to your team.

Do webinars, hold conference calls are create videos that teach your team how to grow the business. Through your teaching you will stand apart as a valuable authority, not just another promoter. Through teaching you'll stand out and sponsor many more Empower Network reps.

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