Exactly Why Do FeMales Generate Less At Work Compared To What Guys Can?

By George Dodson

Although we now witness equality between genders in everything, there is an undeniable truth that this problem still exists today, especially in the workplace. Of course when it comes to equality and the work place, we can find all kinds of studies that show pay rates are not the same and that women earn less. In 2001, the GAO or Government Accountability Office made a report that the total weekly earnings of women were only about 75% of what men were earning. For almost a few decades since women was introduced to the labor force, they've only been making around 80 cents for every dollar which men are earning.

So what brings about the huge difference in what women are earning compared to that of men? Listed below are a few factors as to why the male gender earns more from work.

Working hours

One that is seen to affect the earnings of both genders is the time which they commit to work. In a whole year, with regard to the genders women are more prone to lesser attendance at work. Likewise, women tend to have greater chances of leaving a job anytime they pleases and also would not see themselves with the company for years as compared to men.

Provided that women have their own families not to mention children, their time commitment can be divided as they have two roles to fill. With this pointed out, the female gender is less likely to earn more due to the lesser time spent on work. Unlike men with families or kids, they are actually inspired to work for more hours in order to provide for their families.

Picking the wrong job

Another factor that affects the wage or earnings of the female gender is the kind of job which they choose. In this regard, women who work jobs that require strength and endurance would be less likely to make more money than men. More often than not, there are also a lot of jobs that does not require much muscle and need more knowledge but still have the female gender earn less. Although the physical strength may be a less requirement in a job, there will be a lot of stress attained if too much over-times, rush projects, extended hours at work and others are to be handled at work. In reality, the male gender is more reliable when it comes to jobs that are physically as well as mentally tedious thus opening their opportunities to generate more income than women.

When employers prefer a certain gender for their company

One more culprit as to why women these days earn less income than men is the preference of the employer. As business owners, they have their own right to have gender preferences with regard to hiring their employees or staff. The main reason why employers sometimes prefer certain genders for certain jobs is that this has been proven effective based on experience and also because quality as well as production can have better chances for a specific gender.

Provided here are just the most prominent reasons to why women are earning less than men. With the society where we are living in which is mostly ruled by men and tradition. Nevertheless, this should not discourage any woman to work or think that they will be paid less. What a woman should just bear in mind is that the female gender are more detail-oriented as well as can come up with the best quality or products or work - which becomes an edge to the male gender.

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