Memphis Chiropractic Office Helps Locals With Nerve Pain

By Lyndon Zerna

Every day, many people suffer with pain that is nerve related. This can be very uncomfortable and greatly decrease one's quality of life. If you have nerve pain your Memphis chiropractor has several options for you to explore, and all of them are designed to help you find effective relief.

Nerve conditions can cause one to feel sharp pains that are very intense. You also might experience a feeling of "pins and needles" or feel like you have received an electrical shock. Some people experience nerve pain in the form of numbness is the feet or hands, and the sense of touch and feeling may be reduced.

Human nerves serve all areas of the body and act as communication cables from the brain. If you desire to move your feet, the brain sends messages along nerve pathways that make it to the feet. Without nerves, you would not know if something is hot or cold to the touch.

Pain is sometimes caused by nerves that have become inflamed. This can happen if something is pressing upon them. For example, if the spine is slightly out of alignment, it can place pressure on nerves that run through the back and to various parts of the body, and this can cause pain.

If you suspect nerve pain you should contact your chiropractic doctor. You will be given a thorough evaluation and examination. During your first visit you are free to interact with an experienced chiropractor, and he or she is there to answer your questions and help you find out why you hurt. That is the first step to recovery.

After your chiropractic professional understands the reason for your pain, you can receive therapy directed at the cause of pain. This is the best way to find permanent relief. Therapy options include time tested procedures like massage, acupuncture, and ice or heat. You also may benefit from gentle chiropractic adjustment that often relieves pressure on nerves, bringing pain relief with it.

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