Liquid Diet Results

By Susan Field

Question, are you wasting your time looking for liquid diet results? If you have ever wondered why no diet you have ever tried has worked for more than a few weeks at a time then we can definitely help you.

The truth is that you may be undoing all the benefits of a Detox diet with the poor food choices you make each day. Check this out:

1.) - Consuming alcohol is the number one way to limit liquid diet results. Alcohol is loaded with calories and makes you want to eat more food too. Limiting your consumption of alcohol will increase the effectiveness of any diet you follow.

Why alcohol limits your weight loss effort, firstly alcohol has 7 calories per gram, saturated fat has 9 calories per gram, so why wouldn't drinking alcohol make you fat?

Secondly alcohol interrupts liver function and the health of your liver is vital in order for you to lose weight reliably. Drink sensibly, limit yourself to 1-2 units per day maximum if you are serious about losing weight.

2.) -Too many tropical fruit drinks. We have all made this mistake. Tropical fruits like mango and banana taste delicious but contain a very high proportion of fructose sugar. Increased fructose consumption in liquid form causes a sudden spike in insulin in the body which in turn prevents fat loss.

If you haven't been for a 10 km jog or spent 3 hours in the gym, consuming high sugar fruits will raise your blood sugar and this will prevent your body from burning fat.

3.) - Bread. If you are serious about losing belly fat then just don't consume any wheat or bread products of any kind, period.

Bread, whole grains and all wheat derived products do not help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Scientific study has clearly shown this to be a myth. Gluten has a similar effect on insulin release as glucose sugar does in our body. So avoid eating wheat if you want to lose weight from your abdomen.

Liquid Diet Results - Replace wheat based breakfast with a smoothie containing blueberries oats and healthy oils, coconut oil is best. This combination of macro-nutrients tastes amazing and will stave off hunger whilst keeping your blood sugar low all morning.

The green smoothie is another great way to improve health and shed fat fast. Include a mixture of fruits and vegetables to obtain a balanced result in terms of flavour and consistency.

Aim to include whole food sources that contain healthy fats, the Avocado is a fantastic source of nutrients and healthy omega 3 oils that will prevent hunger too.

We have prepared a detailed resource bank containing recipes, reports and top tips for weight loss. The liquid diet plan recipes are designed to speed up fat loss, satiate hunger and Detox your body. Long term liquid diet results come as standard when following the liquid diet plan plan.

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