Weird National Holidays Are Everywhere

By Anita Ortega

It is natural for human beings to often make up events that will make them different from everyone else in this world. This is one reason that people will create weird national holidays that they can celebrate. Some of these days are very real and are a part of history while others are just created from someone's imagination. Americans will usually do anything to get a day off from work or any other type of labor. Children enjoy staying out of school as much as possible when these events happen.

Southerners like to celebrate Confederate Memorial Day each and every year. They know that this is one date that they can actually brag about their ancestors who were involved in the Civil War. This special date is recognized on a variety of days during the year.

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and other places all treasure this day. Many individuals living within the south say that they are proud of their heritage and even honor the flag which symbolizes this date.

Unfortunately the date will also separate the races since black people do not like Confederate Memorial Day. They state that this date represents all of the negative things that went on in history. The Civil War was fought by the north to end slavery but southerners disagreed with this action.

White Americans who are living in any of the southern states will defend this date to the end of time. They will usually ignore any rants that black people have concerning Confederate Day. The state government agencies still close all businesses even though this turmoil is happening.

People living in black communities have led marches against Confederate Memorial Day and the flag that goes along with it. They want all Americans to remember why the Civil War was fought and all of the trauma that it caused. Luckily people working for the state ignore all of the chaos that is going on about this date since they will have a free day off.

If someone wants to change their name then February 13th is one special date for them. All human beings who have silly names can tell everyone around that their name is different on this date. There are a number of young black girls who wish to be called Sally or Susan instead of Latoria. Too many young black mothers will burden their child with an African name while living in American society. Boys who are named Jaquan may also want to be named Bill or Tommy for one day only.

Middle children are often ignored by their parents since all attention usually goes to the eldest or youngest. On August 12th the child born between these two can become the center of attention. It is often stated that the middle child is always the most special one within the group and this date proves it. Everyone around knows about the middle child syndrome which can be very negative. The child in the center will usually receive used clothing from the oldest while the last sibling will get a brand new wardrobe. Also children in the middle have to become more self sufficient as time goes by.

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