Rules To Obtain The Medical Marijuana Card

By Vick Yan

Not too long ago, quite a few states ruled that an individual could begin using marijuana legally. Individuals wanted to begin taking advantage of the law so that they could enjoy the substance without having to worry about it being illegal. In order to do so, they learned that they had to obtain a medical marijuana card.

With a card, individuals would be protected under this law, however it was only under specific circumstances. According to the law, certain medical conditions or symptoms are necessary for a patient to be considered eligible. The law also allows for the individual to be able to carry or transport a small predetermined amount.

The states which have passed the new law have varied conditions and guidelines to obtain one. All of them require the person wanting the card to see a doctor. Most would not want to go to their primary physician for a referral for a myriad of reasons. Since this is often the case, medical marijuana doctors specialize in or include this in with their practice offering the services to those wishing to obtain the card.

Those states who have passed this law has a list of conditions the patient must have in order to qualify to legally obtain one, this is why the doctor referral comes into play. So, once the doctor is seen and a referral is in hand, the individual can apply and once obtained is only good for a specified time period.

There have been various issues and changes as it relates to obtaining one. It has been a hot topic among legislators who feel that prior to the law existing, many suffered legally over something that really should never have been a problem. Others contend that the new law should never have been passed and is a license to do something illegal.

Many believe that, like other things, this law was enacted to create a loophole which should be closed. It allows cardholders to engage in something that they strongly believe creates other problems which are viewed as negative. This is a sensitive subject especially when it involves those with small children who are exposed to this behavior.

Regardless of which side of the fence one is on, a medical marijuana card can be obtained relatively easily. As long as the individual does not mind following the guidelines and paying the fee, it is possible to obtain one. As with anything, rules are often updated and changed and the rules to obtain one is sure to do the same.

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