Methods Of Fasting To Tone And Lose Weight

By Deborah Singer

Fasting to tone and lose weight is a great idea. It will help you to drop pounds, but this does not mean that all the weight you lose will stay off. You should be aware of the effects of abstinence on your body, and remain committed. This will allow you to keep most of the weight off.

It is vital that you change your mental and emotional feelings to change the effects of your current diet on your body. Fasting has often been viewed as a new start for your taste buds. The chemicals and impurities that your body will be cleansed of will allow you to actually taste what you are eating. To commence with a fast, you have to make a decision about the method you wish to use.

The type of fast you choose is dependent on your lifestyle, goals, body chemistry and health issues. You may choose one method today and find it appropriate, however, you may opt for a different one tomorrow. The dry method is also known as Hebrew Fast, Black Fast and Absolute Fast. This is the most extreme method of abstinence. It comes from a spiritual base and is undertaken by foregoing water and food for short periods of time. Although this method is not always the recommended first choice, it is an interesting choice.

Liquid fasts involve only drinking liquids for a certain time period. The simplest liquid fast is drinking water. It offers you a high therapeutic benefit from a physical point of view, in the shortest time period. Detoxification occurs extremely quickly with this method. However, if you are a beginner to this type of diet, you may find this extremely restrictive.

A popular liquid method is juicing. It offers the individual a natural and pure form of detoxification. The Lemonade and Master Cleanse diets have become very popular in recent years. Calories are gained from the pure maple syrup that is added to the diet. It is also said to be important for intestinal cleansing.

You can opt for a partial method whereby you include some solid foods in the diet. The amount of food you eat is not the important facet of this diet. Excluding or limiting certain types of food is what makes it a partial method. Diets such as rice diets are considered to be partial fasts.

The length of time you set aside for your fast is important. Three day fasts have proven popular as it can be done over a weekend. If you are a newcomer to abstinence, you should consider an easy to accomplish one day fast. This will give you the opportunity to learn how your body reacts to this change. Your total abstinence period should include the initial transition period when you are moving away from your normal diet. It should also include the period after the actual fast when you slowly return to a normal diet.

You can lose weight in a natural, healthy fashion by fasting. You will be able to tone your body after the initial weight by doing exercises in line with your weight loss plan. You may not have the energy to do exercises during the period of the fast, but this is entirely dependent on your body's reaction to the fast.

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