Does Hypnosis Really Work Or Not

By Michael Corrano

The idea of hypnosis has been quite a controversial one for many years already as many hypnotherapists have been doing it. In fact, many people have been cured of vices and addictions such as smoking, drugs, and drinking because of this. However, the big question that still remains is does hypnosis really work on people.

Now if one would want to know whether this thing would actually work or not, he has to know all about it first. Now for those who do not know about it, basically it is an art that puts certain messages into the heads of people in order for them to follow those messages. Now it is actually a way to control the mind of a person.

Now this can be done to people voluntarily or involuntarily. There are some hypnotists who would use their techniques in order to cure people of negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts. However, there are others who would use this to put people in a trance to either steal from them or kidnap them.

Now everyone knows about hypnotists who would wear capes, have long moustaches, and would swing pendulums from left to right in front of a person so that he can be in a hypnotic state. Once that person is already in a trance, then the person will be suggesting some messages to him and then snap him out. When the person has already waken up from the trance, he will follow those commands.

Now if one is familiar with the process of meditation and positive thinking, it is actually similar to that of hypnosis. While hypnotists try to get people to be in a trance, meditation experts would say that people would be in a meditative state where the mind thinks about absolutely nothing. It is for this reason that people who meditate have more positive outlooks in life.

Now the easiest way to be able to hypnotize a person is to simply get him to be willing to be hypnotized. Now a person will only be hypnotized if he is actually willing to give his mind to the suggestions. In other words, one has to be open minded if he would want to be hypnotized.

Now do take note that skeptics will usually not be hypnotized. They will probably be hypnotized only if just a small part of their brains would want to open up to being hypnotized. Then in some sense, they are actually willing to be hypnotized.

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