A Self Hypnosis Video Can Help You Stop Smoking

By Michael Corrano

An individual can use videos to learn how to hypnotize herself or himself. It is only possible when the subject wants to be hypnotized. There is one Self Hypnosis Video explaining the trance state is something everyone goes through right before falling asleep. It also happens as the person wakes up in the morning.

Repetition is used to learn anything. That includes hypnotizing yourself for the purpose of relaxing. You are making the stress leave your body when doing it successfully.

It is also used to manage pain, depression, insomnia, overeating, and even skin conditions or headaches. Induce it through repeating a phrase over and over. You can open and close your eyes as you count from one to one hundred.

Each individual relaxes long before the number one hundred is reached. The ability to concentrate can be acquired this way. Emotional problems and deeply buried experiences can be resolved through hypnosis.

If someone wants a good start to learning and practicing self-hypnosis, it is beneficial to see a hypnotherapist to teach the way. The therapist should have a clinical background in psychology or social work. It takes more than a few days to learn the procedure.

, An individual with no professional background, only a two week certification for example, cannot provide the level of help that is required. For example, someone with deep emotional problems may be harmed rather than helped. For weight loss or to quit smoking, less training is required.

Under the hypnotic trance you are not unconscious or asleep. Your mind is free to fully concentrate on the words being spoken. Be ready to use a phrase or word that will be repeated. If you hope to quit smoking, for example, repeat that smoking makes you sick.

You will simply go into the deep relaxation state. Breathe in and out slowly. Concentrate on your breathing and shut out everything else.

Each individual will try the various methods of inducing the hypnotic trance. He or she will take the ones that work in his or her case. There is no correct way or incorrect way.

Use a video that has a pleasant sounding voice. As you listen intently, you will learn to relax slowly and calmly. Repeat the thing you hope to achieve, such as seeing yourself twenty pounds thinner.

Repeat a phrase about how unhealthy foods are disgusting to you. As you breathe slowly, repeat that fact over and over. Afterwards, your belief in what you can achieve can become a reality.

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