20 Photos You Absolutely Have to Take of Your Kids

If you've got kids you know how quickly they grow up. Honestly, I don't even have children but in a blink of an eye I'll see my friends' kids change drastically from the day they were born to even a few months old. If you're going to be a new parent, these are some must-take pictures in order to make life-long memories that you'll cherish forever. Sometimes life gets hectic especially when you're a new parent and you tend to forget that these moments won't last (sometimes that's a good thing when you're half-asleep at 4 am trying to calm the crying baby down). So, remember to take these photos...you definitely won't regret it.

1. Take a snapshot the moment you leave the hospital.

It's a special moment the first time you step out of the hospital as Mommy and Daddy. Take some inside the hospital but don't forget to take a few outside!

2. Wearing one of their first humorous onesies.

This is a must because looking back at this in 20 years will be one of the funniest things ever.

3. Don't forget to take pictures of tiny details like their feet and hands!

Baby feet and hands are the cutest thing imaginable!

4. Don't forget to take the opportunity when they're asleep to take adorable pictures of them passed out.

5. Take pictures of them when they're holding your finger.

This moment is incredibly fleeting, so snap it when you can!

6. Take pictures of their hair: when it's done up or even when it's messy!

7. Take a picture of them wearing an adorable hat or toque.

8. Make sure you capture them crawling!

I know it might seem like they're crawling for a long time...but really, you're going to miss it when they did!

9. Remember to take pictures of them with their grandparents.

These are the pictures they'll look back on fondly.

10. Get them with their siblings.

While they still love each other and stuff. 

11. Take shots of them with their playdates!

12. Teething is such a headache but it makes for such adorable photos later on!

13. Capture the moment they taste something for the first time...like lemons.

14. Make sure you get a picture with your entire immediate family: Mommy, daddy, and baby!

You'd be surprised how many couples forget to take these shots because sometimes they don't have that person to take it for them.

15. Make sure you get solo shots with the baby.

16. Capture their first laugh.

17. Get a shot of them as they're growing.

Place them next to their favorite stuffed animal and take a picture every month. You'll be shocked how quickly they actually grow!

18. Immortalize their first steps with a few pictures.

19. Take a shot from your childhood and re-make it with your own children!

20. Finally, make sure you take a picture of their first cake smash on their very first birthday!

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