Why A Weight Loss Coach

By Aurelie Appasamy

Hey let me ask you something. Do you have a personal trainer who is awesome, you have been training with this PT for a while now, you notice that you are making some progress, but for some reason you just aren't as motivated as you used to be and you just keep cancelling sessions. Or your PT has taught you all about the benefits of exercise and clean eating guidelines but you just cannot stick to the eating plan. Or you just cannot get over those food cravings and end up sabotaging your hard work at the gym? Or perhaps you have seek professional advice from a trained nutritionist who has laid out an eating plan for you but you just cannot stick to the program. You know that you aren't getting the results that you want and you won't unless your nutrition is right and you struggle with motivation. Your PT tries to motivate you but deep down you know that it's a constant struggle to make it to the gym. Or do you feel guilty or frustrated about not being able to stick to your eating program? One last thing, how is your PT or nutritionist helping your or supporting you though those challenges and most importantly is it working? A personal trainer is trained in fitness and a nutritionist in nutrition. Neither of those guys are actually trained in human behaviour and mindset. But a trained life coach such as Aurelie Appasamy is. Aurelie is a holistic weight loss coach and mindset specialist for weight loss. Aurelie is trained in human behaviour and understands how the mind works. Her specialty is to assist individuals overcome self-sabotage! Self-sabotage is indeed the reason why many people fail on their weight loss journey and without the right help from a weight loss coach many people fail despite the help of a personal trainer or nutritionist.

What seems to be the common approach of the conventional weight loss industry are the exercise and eating plans. While exercise and nutrition are certainly essential components of weight loss, those alone aren't enough. There is indeed a more important component to weight loss which is the mindset. I am sure that you would agree with me, that despite all the knowledge on fitness and diets, without the right mind frame, you will keep struggling. Ain't am right here? Here's the thing about mind frame. It is not enough to try and stay positive all the time. Even staying positive is a struggle in itself. Adopting a mindset for success isn't that simple, it requires time , effort and the help from a trained mindset specialist such as Aurelie Appasamy. Aurelie will help you gain better understanding of your own behavior, your decision making strategies and your patterns and will also help you overcome any mental obstacles that gets in your way.

A weight loss coach will assist you look at various areas of your life to determine where the underlying issue could be coming from.

This means that if you feel unfulfilled in an area of your life, it will impact on other areas of your life as well. I am sure that right now you not being fulfilled in your health and body image is also probably affecting other areas of your life, perhaps your relationships, perhaps it's affecting your confidence which in turn is impacting on your career, your finances, your friendships and a whole lot of other things. And if you are not fulfilled in your health then chances are there are other things in other areas of your life that are impacting on your health and that's where everything is stemming from. A life coach helps you examine and look at various areas of your life to identify where the cause of your weight is stemming from and help you deal with that. As a result it's not only with your health that you see improvement but also in many other areas of your life. A life coach can help you achieve much more fulfilment in life.

A weight loss coach is results and outcome oriented. The aim of life coaching is to assist a client set goals that will bring them closer to their desired outcomes and eliminate barriers such as self-sabotage and fears. This is the difference between a motivational weight loss coach and other weight loss professionals which tend to act as adviser and tell you what to do. A weight loss coach assist you to set your own goals rather than telling you what to do. There is also major differences between coaching and therapy. Coaching isn't therapy or counseling. Therapy or counseling focus on past events and focus on finding answers or solutions from the past. Not much focus is placed on goal setting in therapy or counseling with very little orientation towards outcomes. Whereas coaching is very much goal, outcome and results oriented. Life coaching is designed to empower you to take action and is indeed one of the best ways to foster personal development and enhance performance.

A weight loss coach such as Aurelie Appasamy is also compassionate. Compassion comes from understanding a behaviour without judgement. A fantastic life coach is extremely compassionate because she understand and is trained in human behaviour. This is something that many weight loss professionals lack as they lack the ability to dig deeper into human behaviour. Tell me does your personal trainer really understands why you self-sabotage? Does he or she really understands why you don't stick to your eating plan? Why you have those cravings or eat emotionally? The problem is when we are unable to comprehend something, we make assumptions and there are some very common assumptions made in the fitness industry. For instance, if you aren't able to stick to a program, you must lack will power, if you lack motivation to exercise then you must be lazy, if you are overweight then you must be disorganized. These are all common misconceptions and assumptions made which of course isn't true. There is a lot more behind the scenes and a weight loss coach trained in human behaviour knows this. A coaching environment is a safe and judgement free zone, where you can explore freely without being judged and where you do not need to be afraid of making mistakes.

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