Where To Donate Career Clothing

By Jaclyn Hurley

You may wonder who benefits when you donate career clothing. The answer to that is not just the people who receive them to help in their search for employment but also society as a whole. When people who have been out of work for an extended period are able to find work they become contributing members of society again. They have found a way to support their families and themselves that offers them dignity and a sense of purpose.

When you bring a donation to your church or nonprofit organization to be used by those seeking employment you may be helping them to assist someone prepare for their future. These organizations help their clients and neighbors by teaching them the skills they need to secure and maintain a job. The first step in this process is finding appropriate clothes to wear to an interview for employment.

Shelters for battered women often have or are affiliated with organizations that help their clients dress for success. Many of the women who have escaped violent environments benefit from these programs. The self confidence they gain from having proper attire to get and keep a job can mean the difference between remaining independent and being forced to return to her abuser.

Many community churches have special areas where people can bring their lightly used career clothing. They have certain days of the week when you can drop off the items and ask that they be clean and without excessive wrinkling. There are specific garments that are best suited for job seeking and they ask that you only bring things found on their lists.

For women those items include business suits, separates like skirts and blouses, blazers and slacks, shoes, unused make up, unused underwear, purses and unopened hosiery. They ask that the garments not be out dated, torn or soiled and suggest that you ask yourself if you would be comfortable wearing a particular garment before you decide to send it.

The men's list is somewhat shorter but basically the same. They want lightly worn suits, dress shirts, shoes, new black stockings, new underwear, and unused toiletries. They request that you do not send polo shirts, vests or sweaters, jeans or khakis and corduroys because they are not appropriate for a job interview.

Several of these organizations have gone national and work with their affiliates as well as partner with businesses and retail shops. The national organizations deal mostly with women's clothes and they encourage social clubs as well as private companies to get involved by holding donation drives in their offices or volunteering time to the organization.

Everybody benefits when persons in need of a helping hand get the clothes and skills they need to get ahead. Organizations have banded together to help provide the basic tools they need and it is proving to be a successful endeavor. When coupled with agencies to prepare them for working, organizations that help them dress for success are the finishing touch on a recipe for a new life for thousands of individuals and their families.

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