Uses For Unique Personalized Coasters

By Jaclyn Hurley

Finding just the right gift for someone, the perfect accent piece for one's home, or a party favor that will make a lasting impact can be quite difficult. There is one product that actually could be applicable in each of these situations as well as several others. Unique personalized coasters come in many sizes, shapes, designs and materials which makes them great for such occasions.

Being available in many materials such as paper, cork, plastic, tile, acrylic, wood, metal, sandstone, glass, leather, crystal and more, makes these items very versatile. The design can add to a room's overall decor, allow one to spread a message or even create a lasting keepsake of an event or special occasion. Aside from being effective conversation starters, they serve the function of keeping water marks off the furniture.

One reason this product is flexible enough to fit so many needs is that each set can be completely personalized. The range of materials span from those that are meant only for display or short term use, to those used because the item is intended to last for years. Design options are as varied as one's imagination and may consist of patterns, text, names, monograms, photographs and more.

As a wedding, anniversary or birthday gift, these products can create beautiful reminders of special times. Have them made from the more elegant construction options like crystal, glass or acrylic and etched with a monogram, names or dates for a touch of elegance. Most of the upscale options come in various set sizes and are usually housed in an equally attractive holder.

One choice quickly growing in popularity, is to use personal photographs as the featured design on each piece. This style makes great graduation, birthday or friendship gifts because they can display favorite memories and special times, bringing a smile to the receiver's face each time the item is used. They are also great to use in one's own space as a way to showcase treasured pictures on a regular basis.

The heavy, absorbent paper versions are great for providing functional keepsakes for large parties and celebrations. They can be imprinted with the name of the occasion and the date and passed out to all the guests to use or to take home with them. Though designed to be disposable, they are made quite durable so there is no worry of them falling apart from a single use.

During the holidays, these products can be used in many ways. They make beautiful accent pieces to set around a living room for a festive touch, or to use on an elegantly set table for just the right amount of personalization. Presenting a specially designed set with the makings for hot cocoa is a thoughtful gift idea that keeps giving even after the occasion has passed.

Sets can be made to fit any occasion using vintage illustrations, photos, patterns and texts alone or in various combinations. Collecting pieces that represent many events open the door for many great conversations when having guests over. If in need of a housewarming or hostess gift, try pairing a specially designed product with a bottle of wine or other beverage.

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