The Inner Workings Of The Law Of Attraction And Its Power

By Andrew Tatiana

Using the Law of Attraction and bringing your dreams into your reality might not be a simple matter of sitting on your bed with your legs crossed as you think about what you want. This isn't to say that manifesting is some sort of complicated process relegated to gurus or enlightened people. The entire process is simple enough that a child can understand it but often we adults complicate things. Some of us are led to believe that all there is to harnessing the power of the universe is to think good thoughts and dream about what we desire.

Using the Law of Attraction isn't as simple is just thinking about what you want and having it delivered to you. Action must be taken and there will be times when you will have a moment of inspiration telling you to do something or move in a certain direction. We should be open to this leading. Act swiftly and you will find that you experience more of these moments of inspiration. You will be more in tune with the universe, its leading and your intuition.

There are instances when we might be focusing on a goal or dream and that very thing that we're desiring comes into our life without effort. Most of the time, though, fulfilling our dreams becomes more of a journey or road to fulfillment when we're using the Law of Attraction. One step or action leads to an opportunity which leads our dream being made real in our life. There are other times when as if by coincidence, we are presented with exactly what we had been thinking of fervently. Difficulties with an old car manifests an opportunity to buy a new car at a great price too good to pass up. Financial woes are cured instantly with a sudden windfall or money coming seemingly out of the blue.

Many times bigger things or larger dreams become manifest in our life through a series of events. Sometimes it might take months or even years for you to arrive at your private tropical island or for you to be driving that sports car that you dream of. It is moments like these when you step foot on the beach or sit behind the wheel of that car that you remember visualizing that moment when your dream would come true. Often we forget about the dream until that moment and it is then that we realize that the Law of Attraction does work.

It is usually by following our instincts and taking advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves that we arrive at our dreams. One opportunity leads to another which puts us in a situation where we are at the right place at the right time. Some people might consider this luck or good fortune. Often there is a lot of energy, thought and patience involved that leads you to that luck. A desire to start your own business leads to a moment of inspiration that launches the perfect business at the perfect time. A chance meeting with an influential person leads to a job offer that catapults your career to new heights. Loneliness and a desire to get out and do something leads to meeting that perfect person that you have been waiting for. There really are no coincidences in this world.

Dreaming and visualizing are only the first steps in making your dreams come true. Thinking and planning what you want your life to be like can be fun but the journey towards making those dreams your reality can be equally thrilling. Your dreams are your plans or the rough outline of what your future will be. Visualizing is a form of refining these plans and following the inspiration that comes your way is how we walk towards those dreams. There will be times when we feel uncomfortable or we resist change. If you hesitate or begin to allow others to tell you that you will fail, your dreams very well may die and those inspired thoughts will become fewer and less potent. Trust that these moments of inspiration are leading you towards your dream and you will find that the Law of Attraction helps you to build upon these thoughts and provide you with the solutions to any problem that might come your way. Before you know it, you will have arrived at a dream that you had forgotten about all thanks to the Law of Attraction.

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