Organic Farming & The Growth In India

By Rob Sutter

The presence of organic farming is something that is becoming more and more common these days. After all, there is a much higher demand for fresh food these days and all areas of the world should have access to it, right? Recently, I read a report that spoke about how this is starting to become more of a trend in India. However, I did not realize just how much work went into until I started to read more into the story in question, keeping every detail in mind.

The Economic Times posted an article regarding the rise in organic farming and it is no wonder as to why this has been seen. Growers of all kinds have been seeing far more success in selling their fruits and vegetables to those who were looking to purchase. In addition, India as a whole has become far more health-conscious, making sure that the finest crops are consumed. This is where networks along the lines of Colle Farmers Market may be able to help out most.

I was able to look into the pricing percentages as well and some of them surprised me. For example, keep in mind that the article stated how farmers have been able to gain 118% higher price for leafy vegetables, which is quite tremendous. This is especially true when you see how this compares to grains, which only amounts to 53%. Without question, there is a far greater level of attention that is brought to produce and how such products are able to be grown.

In fact, the relationship between the grower and the consumer is easily one of the most organic that you can imagine, ironically enough. Keep in mind that farmers, typically, have to make their business on a local basis, meaning that they have to appeal to those who live nearby. In return, consumers are able to do business with growers, making absolutely certain that they are paid for their efforts. Giving business to a smaller establishment holds a bevy of incentives that work to help both parties.

It seems as though organic farming efforts have been able to help India in a number of ways. It is easily one of the most economic methods that have been put in place but it is very important from a health standpoint as well. Various areas of the world have become more aware of the crops that they are able to present to the masses and it goes without saying that India has recognized this need as well. Make sure that you keep this in mind as you invest, too.

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