How You Can Use Negative Thoughts With The Law Of Attraction

By Andrew Tatiana

Have you been told that in order to use the Law of Attraction to its fullest potential you should think positive thoughts about what you want your life to be like. Once you feel sure that you will achieve your goal then your reality will begin to move towards that goal. How can you be positive and optimistic all the time though? What if you feel damaged or filled with doubts and fears? What if your nature simply isn't very positive all the time? Are you relegated to living a life where your dreams won't come true?

Negative thoughts are going to come. We are all human, after all. Some of us tend to have a more negative personality. Some of us are simply filled with more fears than others. Not all of us are brave and positive about the direction our life is moving. We have fears about everything. Even the idea of becoming wealthy might fill you with fear. What if your friends and family secretly become jealousy because you're wealthy? What if you change because of wealth? We might even have fears and negative thoughts surrounding success in many aspects of our life that are holding us back. What can we do with these fears and worries? Is it possible to use these fears to help us achieve our goals with the help of the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that any thought backed by strong emotions can become manifested in our reality very quickly. For most people, this strong emotion is desire, passion, love or some other positive emotion. It is also true that thoughts backed by fear, which is a very powerful emotion, can come true very quickly. You may have seen this happen in your own life or the life of those around you. As they focus on avoiding something terrible in their life, that very things that they fear comes true. That picture in your mind filled with worry often comes true more quickly than something simple that you might try to manifest using positive thoughts and emotions. The universe and the Law of Attraction don't understand positive and negative. All they know is that you have a thought backed by some very powerful emotions.

Now, what if you could recreate that kind of scenario in your life but use those negative emotions to bring the things you want into your life. What if you could turn fear in your favor and use worry to make your dreams come true. While being positive and thinking optimistic thoughts about your future might be your goal, if you are struggling with negative thoughts, why not bend those thoughts to help you instead of hurt you?

For example, perhaps you have an elusive goal of falling in love. Maybe you have someone in mind or it could be that your dream is simply that someone wonderful comes into your life and falls in love with you. You want this to happen but history has shown that relationships end poorly for you. In the back of your mind there is constant doubt or fear that you'll be hurt or rejected. This fear becomes so overwhelming that you become emotional and frustrated with trying to have pleasant thoughts about this dream of falling in love.

Instead of fighting against the flow of emotions that this dream brings out in you, why not go with the flow and harness the power of these thoughts. Let fear bring that special someone into your life. Instead of thinking about rejection think about what else might happen if you were to get into a relationship. Maybe the object of your desire could fall so deeply in love that they cause problems in your life. Perhaps their love smothers you and they become jealous of your friends. Perhaps you enjoy spending some time alone and you worry that their love will become so consuming that there won't be time to do things alone as you are accustomed to. Throw every fear you can think of at the thought of having someone fall madly and passionately in love with you and you will be using fear and doubt to bring love into your life.

Surely, your goal is to make your dreams come true using the Law of Attraction and positive thoughts. You should still stick to that regimen when you're feeling positive and optimistic. Continue to spend time visualizing and meditating about your dreams and goals but for those times when negative thoughts might make you feel like you can't focus, turn them around. Try using those negative thoughts or those bad days to continue to propel you towards your goals. Stop beating yourself up because you feel somehow unfit or weak. We all have bad days and negative thoughts. Life is all about how we harness those thoughts and make them work for us instead of against us to bring into reality the life that we truly deserve.

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