Becoming A Trauma Counselor San Francisco

By Jaclyn Hurley

There are a lot of people who have traumatic experiences that would still affect them even if they would reach their adult life. Of course if there are people who have traumatic experiences, then there must also be those who can help these people. Now if one is good with handling trauma patients, then he should consider becoming a trauma counselor san francisco.

Now before going into this type of work, one has to first make sure that he has the credentials that he would need in order to land a position. First of all, he would be needing a bachelors degree in psychology in order to enter this field. Although psychology is the best to take, one may actually take up sociology too.

Now after taking up a bachelors degree in the said courses, he might need to take up a masters degree as well. Now there are many countries and states that would actually require one to take up a masters degree in order to enter this type of field. What makes this really good is that during the masters program, one will be required to do an on the job training in a clinic or hospital.

Once one has already completed his formal education, then he will need to take a board exam in order to become a professional. Of course this is required because it will test the student whether he is qualified or not. If he passes, then he will get a certification that will acknowledge him as a true practitioner.

Now there are three places where he may start working in namely the hospital, the behavioral health firms, and of course the special counseling clinics. Now if one would want to work in a big place with a big name, then he may as well work in a hospital. However, if he would want to be in an environment that specializes in just trauma counseling, then it is actually better if he works in a clinic or special firm as hospitals have a wide array of services and cannot concentrate on counseling.

Of course there are those who already have the qualifications to become an independent practitioner. Now if one is an independent practitioner, then he can actually work for a lot of companies or institutions at the same time. He will pretty much become like an on call psychiatrist who will get to work whenever the company or institution would call him.

Now the job of counselors in this field would include treating patients and giving them therapy. Most counselors would even give psychotherapy to the patient if needed. Counselors working in this field will be educated on the different types of therapies that they can give to patients.

So as one can see, it takes a lot of effort to become a trauma counselor. Now before going into the field, one should really remember that it is a job that will definitely suck out all the positive energy of a person. Now this job should only be taken by those who have strong spirits otherwise listening to depressing stories will definitely get them down.

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