Accessories In Joker Bug 800 Kit

By Gwen Lowe

These fit perfectly well in one luggage and give you easy time in handling your lighting. It also has more output in terms of productivity and value of the finished product. It is a ready to go case that is light in nature and easy to move around with. This case actually contains all that you would like to use when out there at that needy moment.

The numerous accessories that you can find in your joker bug 800 kit include the focal spot which is responsible for giving immediate projection capabilities. This is made from aluminum which ensures its quality of nature. The focal spot is highly adaptable and is also equipped with both twenty and forty degree lens. This ensures that its versatility is added to the desired level.

The big eye Fresnel is what you use for lighting fixtures. It can comfortably accept light sources that ate interchangeable. Setting it up is also very fast and you have the ability to focus both back and front to choose the spot beam that suits you. You will not bother yourself with mixing light sources. Instead, you will probably get the correct version as it is better to engage one kind of lighting source.

The bug-a-beam is also important as it allows for easy mating of the source in a quick way. By this, it is easy to make patterns visible in different ambient light levels. It can also control intensities that are high in a beam projector.

The Softube is also another important part responsible for the transformation of a spotty beam into a beam that is linear. This also does well for the reinforcement of window and for the interiors of large vehicles. Since it is easy to set up, you will not get any hitches.

The crossover is another available part which allows you to cross over from motion to still pictures using the same set simultaneously. The motion pictures will however need continuous lighting for proper capturing. These crossovers can fit into whatever reflector you need to use and still get the shot you need.

There are different kinds of lenses that you can choose. Since they are available in many sizes, you can get wide ones, medium or super wide. They are indeed durable in nature and can work well. You will not undergo a lot of hassle in terms of maintenance. There are the light banks and lanterns which are also present. You can choose from other numerous shapes available. A lot of figurations will not be necessary as you can get the desired photo with much ease.

The multi bug adapter comes in handy for creating large and great light sources. It is easy to set up since it does not require modifications. What is required of you is to position it to an angle you prefer. This is good enough to give you that soft and full spectrum kind of light source. You can perfectly attach it to a standard pin to enable it have a good grasp.

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