Twenty Things You Didn't Know About Love

by  katie.ekbatani from Interesting Things

Romance. Love. Adoration.

Those words have some mystery behind them. We marvelled at couples in love as children and dreamed about being in love "just like that" one day.

But even after experiencing love first hand, the mystery remains. Love has so many elements to it. I really don't think we'll ever be able to fully understand it.

Here are some fun facts that might get us a little closer though.

1. Falling in love feels like taking cocaine

According to research, when falling in love the body often produces several of the same euphoria-inducing chemicals that feel similar to the effects of cocaine.

2. Pain and stress can be relieved by holding hands

3. The perfect formula for love consists of three special ingredients: attachment, caring, and intimacy

The triangular theory of love tell us that the strongest type of love is made up of these three components.

4. You've decided if you like someone as fast as four minutes into the relationship.

Apparently actions really do speak louder than words, and you only need four minutes with someone in order for them to have established an impression of you.

5. Heart rates synchronize when two lovers look into each other's eyes.

After three minutes, couples who participated in this research project were found to bond at the heart--literally. Their heart rates actually synchronized! I'm curious to try this one!

6. All you need is love

Love is all that matters according to this study, which was conducted by Harvard researchers for 75 years. The study followed participants and concluded that the happiest time of their lives revolved around moments when they were in love.

7. Its all in the face for lasting relationships

According to this evidence, the face wins over the body in long-term relationships. In flings, however, the opposite is true.

8. My personal favorite: cuddling is a natural painkiller

The cuddle hormone, known as oxytocin is known to bond people together when they embrace (or cuddle). It is also known to decrease headaches and can even make the pain completely go away. Amazing. Go get your cuddle on!

9. Your attraction to someone can be measured by how dilated your pupils are. Plus, the more dilated they are, the more attracted you become to the other person.

According to Darwin, our pupils expand when we are focused. It also happens when gazing at something of desire, or someone you love. In addition, when your pupils are dilated, you're seen as more attractive. (info)

10. Falling in love is as easy as looking into someone else's eyes

It has been proven that phenylethylaminewhen is produced by the body when you are being gazed at. It can even make strangers fall in love! (info)

11. People who are two much alike won't last in a relationship

Research proves that the saying "opposites attract" is actually partially true. According to studies, it is actually good to be different than your partner.

12. Pictures of our loved one can relieve pain

This experiment showed that when participants who were in pain looked at pictures of loved ones, they were far more comfortable than when looking at pictures of acquaintances.
13. It is more likely that people of the same "level of attractiveness" will end up together.

The Matching Hypothesis tells us that people actually look for people who would be fairly categorized under the same level of attractiveness. In the end, both people in a relationship tend to balance out--whether that be through physical appearance or other socially desirable qualities.
14. A broken heart really does have something to do with your heart

Apparently, Broken Heart Syndrome is a real thing. Research tells us that it can be triggered by divorce and break-ups, physical separation, the loss of a loved one, or betrayal. These traumatizing events can actually weaken your heart, cause chest pain and shortness of breath. It can be so painful that it is misdiagnosed as a heart attack.

15. Romantic love does not last, but committed love does

Apparently the euphoric, dependant, sweaty palms kind of love only lasts about a year. After that, is a new stage, known as "committed love". I guess that's the difference between the "honeymoon" stage and the "married couple" stage.

16. People who are in love and people who have OCD are chemically similar

Studies tell us that our serotonin levels are lower and our cortisol levels are raised in the early stages of love. This explains our out of character behaviour when we're falling for someone. And these characteristics are actually very similar to people who have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Maybe you need a bit more explanation. Have a look at this video that goes into the theory a bit more.

17. Creativity and concentrated thinking can be spurred on by feelings of love

Research found that based on the construal level theory, we are inspired to create and concentrate when we are experiencing love.
18. Saying thanks to loved ones will boost your mood

Wow, the proof is in the pudding. Have a look at this video for more details.

19. Many animals experience monogamous relationships too.

In the animal kingdom, we're actually not the only ones who establish faithful relationships. These animals might even be doing the "faithful" thing a bit better than us. Wolves, swans, gibbons, black vultures, albatrosses and even termites find life partners.

20. Adrenaline is what causes those butterflies to flutter in your stomach

When you're excited to see someone, or when you have your first kiss, you might call home and tell mom that you had butterflies in your stomach. Well that's the perfect way to describe the feeling which is actually caused by adrenaline.