Throw A Perfect Princess Birthday Party Middletown NJ

By Krystal Branch

There's no doubt that princess birthday party Middletown NJ themes are tops with girls. Princesses reign supreme, with fairies and Barbie maids-in-waiting. There are character themes and generic ones that feature tiaras rather than specific princesses from fairy tales and cartoons. Certainly there is no shortage of party favors, games, and decorations.

If time is short, you can dash to a discount or high-end department store and find what you need to delight small guests. Pink crepe paper or pre-made streamers, banners, posters, balloons, and matching tablecloths, napkins, cups, plates, and utensils make the celebration fit for a palace. For favors, packs of glittering crowns and tiaras, scepters with ribbons and stars, colorful tattoos, and shiny jewelry promote the fun. Department stores offer trademarked belles on many of the items that can be assembled to set the tone.

There are even more choices online. The internet is a good place to get good ideas on what you can do to delight your guests. There are coordinated kits that provide everything needed for the party with one purchase. There are fairy palaces and medieval castles, if the princesses will have knights in attendance.

Disney princesses reign supreme, but there are plenty of decorations that celebrate the princess of the hour and no other. Complete kits contain all that's needed for a festival except the cake and ice cream. It's easy to give guests the royal treatment with a 'party in a package', and you can order it from the comfort of your home.

Other highlights are available, as well. Mylar balloons come in many sizes and shapes, so there can be a three-dimensional palace high on the wall, for example. Other balloons have individual or group pictures of smiling royals or maybe their frog friends. If there is beginning to be too much of a good thing, there are pink and white heart balloons that complement the theme but offer a little variety. Check out unusual touches like paper dresses to get everyone in costume for the festivities.

Perhaps you can be the first in your neighborhood to have a palace moon bounce inside your home. These are as much fun as the full-size ones for outdoor events, just not as tall or as big around. If you go online, you can see the pink and purple palaces and also faux stone castles that cry out for defenders and raiders. You may have to reserve a unit a few months in advance, and prices will vary with the season. The rental company can deliver it to you, set it up, and supply an attendant, if desired.

It's fun to organize a celebration that will long be remembered when you have so many options for decorations, themes, favors, games, and activities. The kids will love spending an afternoon with their favorite fairy tale characters, being treated like royalty, and the favors that guests take home will give further hours of imaginative play.

A princess birthday party Middletown NJ can be fun to plan, to execute, to experience, and to relive in photographs for years afterwards. With no shortage of themes and decorations, it will be both fun and easy. Everything you need can be found in local shops or online.

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