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By Sam Jones

I am posting this article in response to a FAQ from my website. Many people are asking how they know if by being overweight they are putting their health at risk and what is being overweight? This got me looking into BMI, body Mass Index and the healthy weight chart.

The healthy weight chart is a fairly crude formula that takes into account many general factors relating to the overall body shape of a person.

The healthy weight chart or height weight chart can give a result that leaves some people confused.

Let me explain. These two tools are used as a basis for the calculation of the well known BMI measurement system for measuring Body Mass Index.

In recent times many people have questioned the accuracy of such a system that is based on such generalised personal information as height and weight and is constructed using comparative data that dates back 40 years.

The fact is that due to many changes in lifestyle and the modern diet this age old method may well be due for retirement. In some cases it has produced some very misleading results.

The height weight chart is used to give an approximation of whether you are within a healthy weight range.

The healthy weight range system was established by collecting data from the population as a whole.

For the vast majority of the population the height weight chart gives a realistic picture of where you are within the range of healthy weight.

So is the height weight chart a reliable indicator of healthy weight?

Be aware that these simple tools can produce some misleading results for some people:

Our subject who was over 6 feet in height was given a false assessment when using the methods discussed above. His physician has said he is at risk of fatty liver disease because of his accumulation of abdominal fat.

When fat is accumulated in the middle abdominal area it can increase the probability of fatty liver disease.

Men with an abdominal circumference of above 40 inches who are over 6 feet tall could be mislead as they may be considered in the overweight but not at risk category according to their BMI using the healthy weight chart.

To sum up: Due to known inaccuracies of the measurement systems for height to weight ratio, more doctors have now updated their advice to patients to be aware that carrying weight around the middle part of your body can put you at increased risk of diseases.

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