Assessment Of A Live Reading Tutor

By Jerri Perry

Reading is a very complex process as it requires the information being read to be processed and internalized by various cognitive organs. Human beings mainly use the brain when processing various pieces of information that is being read. The process of having the information inputted into the cognitive system is very complicated. Understanding the simple process that build it is very important. This is what a live reading tutor does. The tutors assess how the readers respond to various changes in the input system before they start the process of tutoring of students.

Communication channels are various processes through which information is acquired and shared. People use various channels in the sharing of relevant information. This is done especially where pieces of data have to be transmitted from one point to another. Specific languages that are understood by the parties communicating are used for simple transmissions.

Interactions expand the process of acquiring different types of information. The interactions also expand the sharing of information. The complex process of interacting and sharing information between different points is broken down into series and sequences that are often understood by the people communication. Where a language that cannot be understood is used, interpretation may be needed. The state of mind of the readers determines how the various types of information will be processed.

Various states of minds are adopted by the readers. These states affect how they will perceive various items within the processes of acquiring the information. The general attitudes of learners affect how they respond to learning. The tutors teach them the different ways through which they can acquire the positive attitudes that are required for the optimization of information acquisition. With great attitudes towards the information processes, the learners are able to absorb and acquire more information.

Mental exercises form the basis of expanding the mental capacity of each learner. The tutors formulate the various processes through which the minds of learners can be exercised. The level and the activities involved in the exercising are determined by the general mental abilities. Through such activities, the mental ability is boosted. Learners are able to think faster. This also boosts the ability to think constructively and logically.

Creativity is the ability to think out of a certain scope. It is one of the unique abilities that facilitate the critical thinking of learners. Most of the tutors encourage the learners to read as much as possible so as to expand their knowledge bases. As they read more and more, their abilities to think creatively expands.

There are a number of writing styles that are used by the authors. The style used determines the level at which the prospective readers and the learners have reached. Some of the writers adopt a specific writing style so as to enhance communication. For others, it is a matter of enhancing the creativity of the learners.

A live reading tutor uses several materials when introducing the learners to the processes of information gathering. Simple materials such as magazines and journals are used for the beginners. These are replaced by advanced systems of information and gathering systems which are used to train the learners further.

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