The Northern Lights Explained

Ever wondered how to transform the Northern Lights? This article aims to help you understand the process showing him a tour of Northern Lights , demystifying science without spoiling the magic .

Sometimes you can say that " the atmosphere is " Northern Lights tours and this is especially true . Swirling colors that appear in the night sky , when the northern lights in the action are the result of electrical charges which react with gases in the upper atmosphere . Electricity flows involved tens of thousands of times more powerful than the electricity received from their electrical outlets in your home. Fortunately, all this happens between 20 and 200 kilometers above the head.

The color of the aurora borealis

The color of the aurora depends on the height in the atmosphere reactions . You can expect to see green shapes in the sky aurora borealis tours , but other colors also occur. If the event occurs below , as only 60 miles up or two, and nitrogen is involved, the aurora may appear blue. A higher nitrogen reaction can cause light purple or purple show. The green light indicates common involving oxygen at a height of about 150 miles , if the reaction is even higher, then the lights may even appear red.

There is nothing unusual about oxygen and nitrogen :Northern Lights together constitute the largest part of the atmosphere of the earth, the same air that you breathe while looking at the sky for lights tours North . But when charged particles collide with the upper atmosphere of the Earth, these gases behave like ordinary neon. So where these charged particles Explained are like magic ?

The solar wind

The solar wind
The particles that are responsible for this emission originates dramatic sun light. It is an understatement to say that the sun generates a lot of energy, Northern Lights and the gigantic nuclear reactions that occur in the sun , fragments of atoms spit a million miles per hour. This stream of particles moving between the Sun and the solar system called the solar wind. When these winds hit the Earth's atmosphere Northern Lights, where it is thinner - around the North and South Poles - Fireworks occur .

Because the size of the solar wind from the sun are not constant , or auroras . Sunspots cause a peak of activity in the solar wind all eleven. For this reason, people taking Northern Lights tours in 2011 and 2012 can expect to see an even more dramatic than usual show Explained.

If these winds Northern Lights Explained, gas and electricity were confused, I 'm sure it will be explained to you again when you take your trip aurora borealis in Iceland. Whatever your understanding of the case , see the aurora borealis is sure to be a magical and unforgettable place .