How to Stop Procrastinating - 10 Steps

If you're a chronic procrastinator, you know the pain and the stress that comes with procrastinating . Even if you have the desire to achieve something, finding the motivation to do so is another matter . Fortunately, overcoming procrastination is easy to do when you put your mind to it.

1 . Create a list of things to do . Yes, you get the old list with check boxes and everything. List everything, procrastinating big and small, you have to do for the day , great break activities into small pieces if necessary. Then, as you work through your day check each item on your list. You will feel a growing sense of pride to visually monitor your dwindling list of projects
Focus stop procrastinating your inclusion list of things you normally discouraged, not things that are sure to make on a regular basis .
If necessary, adjust the time for your items to be made WB . For example, the list of " taking the dog for a walk at 12:30 " instead of " walking the dog" .
Reassess your half of your day to sort your list items based on the highest priority . So the most important before watching the little things to face.

2 . Complete difficult. When you have an upcoming project which is bogged down and make you unproductive in other areas , in front of him first. End of the most important item on your list of things to do , you will feel productive and to give an additional impetus to other things you have pushed aside .
If your "big project" is something that can be done in one session , make a list of small parts of what you can accomplish today. Do not worry about completing all but act now to do in the future , it is a breeze.
Make a final list of this unique procrastinating project to do , and placed it somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. As you mark things motivated him to continue to do so , and watch regularly reminds you that your project will be done.

3 . Homework two minutes. Whenever you encounter something you want to do or consider reporter asked, " Is that take me less than two minutes to go ? " For many of us , this includes small tasks like taking out the trash or throw some weeds, but can include stop simple tasks in all areas of life. Whatever you want to , but it takes two minutes to do - . . just do force you to use 120 seconds for productive work and that normally grow for hours or days [1]
4 . Create a frenzy of work expected. If you are outside lying in the depths of dreams, set a period of time to do anything but work . Take ten minutes and remove all distractions - the phone , magazines, or thoughts of your love attractive - and go into a frenzy of work. Force yourself to productive work for ten minutes, then go back to what you were doing . Chances are you will get in a groove and continue to work at a high rate even when their to stop procrastinating time out frenzy . [ 2 ]
5. Take a break. If you are unable to concentrate procrastinating and half working on their tasks, take a short break . Set a timer for ten minutes, and take a nap , read a book, or call your friend. Do what you've been dreaming of what the temptation is removed once you return to work . Just be sure to go ahead with its deadline instead of ignoring it when the alarm goes away eventually .

6 . Eliminate distractions. Although it may seem to call your mother or complete the next chapter of his book are things you need to accomplish in the near future , probably only distract you from doing your job. Put noise canceling headphones , turn off the phone , and hide their temptations (books , guitar, cleaning , whatever) .
If you have a problem with surfing the Internet while working on the computer , try using a specialized computer program that restricts the use of the Internet. Rescue Time is an application that blocks certain websites (or all) of a given amount of time you set , and can not be canceled if the power is off procrastinating. It can be downloaded free from the Internet . [3 ]
If the problem is focused on writing a great essay or report to work, try using Songwriter program . It is a word processing program that completely blocks the screen (including the taskbar at the bottom ) and plays soft instrumental music or white noise to help you concentrate. You can procrastinating download the basic version for free on the Internet. [ 4]
7 . Do not be a perfectionist. If you wait for the perfect moment , the perfect supplies, or will not stop until you have " perfected " project, which is out to complete their task. Avoid the thought "perfect" if we consider the quantity over quality . If your project does not require perfection , but we are still focused on him , stop and move to the next task. When you finish all, you can go back and finish perfecting your original task.
8 . Motivate yourself . Many people claim that the reason we procrastinate is procrastinating because they work better under pressure . So what if their projects do not have time ? Make your own . Set a time you need to complete your project , and either reward you at the end of the period or the creation of a punishment for yourself if you are not successful in their efforts.
Positive procrastinating reinforcement is the most effective way to motivate you. Indulge waiting as a reward for buckling on your list of things to do, go see a movie , eat a chocolate bar , hanging out with a friend, you motivate procrastinating .
Try using negative reinforcement - get something wrong - as a motivator. For example, the promise that if you finish the test on Friday evening will not have to go shopping , do homework , or what you do not want to procrastinating .
If the building does not work for you , use punishment as a motivator . Use negative punishment - remove something good - to try to work harder. Do not take a nap , eat dinner , or terminate your favorite until you have completed the task book.
For the most serious examples of procrastination , put your money on the line. Give someone you trust a certain amount of money , $ 50, for example, and tell them to spend on themselves if they do not finish your project for a time. So you have to work to keep their hard earned money in your pocket .
9 . Get an accomplice. If you are unable to work on your own , find a friend or family member to help you work . Ask them to encourage you to stay on task and help you if needed . Tell someone that you have to do to motivate you to complete your project, because otherwise will suffer the shame of admitting to them.
Set up a few hours of time when you go out there and make all your plans with a friend. In this way, you will have someone with you as you work to stay focused and on track .
Schedule " check-ins " with her friend when they call to find out where you are. There may be deadlines for certain tasks when it is praised or punished for his friend on the procrastinating basis of its report .
10 . Focus on the end goal . It is easy to see that the giant list procrastinating of things to do, rather than achievement anxiety without feeling they were completed . When you work , focus on all the free time , relaxation , money, everything you get when you're done. This will help you stay on task and work towards your goal.